Michelle Lynn Cangelosi

Michelle Lynn Cangelosi Bio

Michelle Lynn Cangelosi, during her time in the United States Department of State, held the position of Senior Director for Partnerships in the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs. In this capacity, she was responsible for providing leadership for the Academy for Women Entrepreneurs, an initiative that works to improve women's access to economic opportunities and business skills in over seventy countries throughout the world.

Cangelosi was the Director of the Office of Private Sector Initiatives for the Peace Corps, where she was responsible for overseeing all donations to the organization. She did this by cultivating relationships with various donor organizations, working in collaboration with them, and engaging in other forms of engagement with them. Cangelosi was in charge of managing the Peace Corps Partnership Program, which offered financial assistance to initiatives in other countries that were directed by volunteers. Michelle Cangelosi was able to successfully increase donor support, volunteer participation, and interaction with a bigger base of financial contributors while serving in this post.

Michelle served in a variety of leadership capacities throughout his time at the United States Department of the Interior. In her role as Associate Director of the Office of External and Intergovernmental Affairs, she represented the Department in her interactions with a variety of public and private organizations, associations, and other entities, with the primary emphasis being placed on the public lands of the United States. Take Pride in America was a national volunteer program in which schools, government officials, businesses, and other entities participated in efforts to protect and enhance public lands. Cangelosi served as the Executive Director of the program while she was also serving as the House Minority Leader.